vickysnest (vickysnest) wrote,

Hanadan fanart

Soooo last week was the birthday of a friend who made a lovely illustration for my birthday. Already last year we drew something for each other in each other's birthdays and although I met her in The Hobbit fandom, it turns out she also loves Hana Yori Dango, so I drew this for her ^^

Hhhmmmm however, I always feel like colour tends to hide the linework, so I'm posting it separately too :)

Have a nice week~ ♥︎

(PS. Both images have the credit from my art blog on tumblr, although you can also find me on twitter and instagram with that.)
Tags: domyoji tsukasa, fan art, hana yori dango, inoue mao, makino tsukushi, matsumoto jun, my art, tsukasa/tsukushi

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